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Zhu Zhu Will Take on a Double Role in the Chinese Remake of Run, Lola, Run

This is a CAA创新精英 article originally posted on 微信.Translations by teamzhuzhu and our Shanghai correspondent, Wayne Pan.

On 19 April 2017, Zhu Zhu accepted the invitation from Road Pictures Movie and Television CEO Cai Gongming to attend the Road Pictures and Beijing International Film Festival Gala Night as a guest host. The event was jointly organised by the Road Pictures and BJIFF organising committee. Zhu Zhu was dressed in light blue western-style suit exuding an aura of absolute elegance. At the event, CEO Cai Gongming announced that Zhu Zhu will be a Road Pictures partner and she will be producing and acting in the Chinese remake of Run, Lola, Run.


Zhu Zhu starts her new producing career in the movie Run, Lola, Run

"Road Pictures and Beijing International Film Festival Gala Night" began with a period of beautiful piano melody. Zhu Zhu as the guest host, introduced a bunch of film elites attending the "Road Pictures Night" from home and abroad. The guests had a group photo on stage, wishing a brighter future of China film industry.


Mr. Cai Gongming, CEO of Road Pictures, orated a good news that his old friend, Zhu Zhu, will cooperate with Road Pictures in depth as the a new producer. And the more surprising thing is, with the help of CAA, Zhu Zhu already signed the contract of the copyright to remake German classic film Run, Lola, Run. Besides, Mr. Cai’s excellent skills in Deutsch and many years of experience in his line of work are few of the key reasons for this success. At the same time, Zhu Zhu will participate in the movie with a new start, dual identity of producer and starring.


Zhu Zhu is greatly excited for this upcoming project. As she further added, she's known Mr. Cai for a long time. They've collaborated plenty of times including events and activities of Mercedes-Benz. But this time, they forge a new relationship by the way of this film, it further reinforces their friendship once again.


Screen classic Run, Lola, Run is one of the postmodernist masterpiece, directed by Tom Tykwer. Tom Tykwer is a recognized talented director who has won the "Gold Film Award - Best Director" on the 49th and 61st of the German Film Award. He has also received a number of international film awards nomination. Interestingly, Tykwer and Zhu Zhu has also known each other for a long time. Zhu Zhu appeared in the movie Cloud Atlas directed by Tykwer. This time, they are extending this opportunity to work together by remaking Run, Lola, Run.

It was reported that the film is still in the early development, the director candidates have not been set.

As they start the production Run, Lola Run's remake, will they follow the plot? Will they be adding new roles? And who will get chance to direct and act in this movie? We look forward to finding out the answers to these questions!

Zhu Zhu Set to Produce and Take Titular Role for the Remake of Run, Lola, Run

China's Road Pictures CEO Cai Gongming 蔡公明 announced on Wednesday, 19 April 2017, that the 1998 hit German film, Run, Lola, Run, is set for a Chinese remake.

Zhu Zhu will play the titular role made famous by Franka Potente. She will also serve as a producer of the film. The remake is one of six projects that the company has lined up for 2017, including Andrew Niccol's sci-fi thriller Anon, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried, which has just wrapped up production.

CEO Cai Gongming said, "We're very happy to share with you that we've just obtained the copyright for Run, Lola, Run. I believe that movie lovers know that this German film is one of the classics."

If you haven't seen the film, you can watch the trailer below to give you an idea about the plot.


Zhu Zhu's Guide to Hong Kong - A W Magazine Article

"Chinese Actress Zhu Zhu's Guide to Hong Kong Does Not Skimp on Kobe-Fat Ice Cream"
by Stephanie Eckardt, March 28, 2017 1:00 pm
The link to original article can be found here.

This year’s Art Basel Hong Kong, which wrapped this past weekend, proved that the fair’s five-year-old Asian edition is well worth the trek for anyone who loves parties, not to mention weird, freaky art.

The Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, though, has always been in on Hong Kong’s secrets, having made frequent trips there from Beijing for the local desserts and tax-free shopping since she was a kid.

These days, her job has kept her from visiting as much as she would like: she just wrapped shooting a film, Tube Light, that had her speaking Hindi with the Bollywood star Salman Khan, plus a Chinese movie called Meido that she filmed in the Tibetan mountains and Lebanon. (Those aren’t even Zhu’s most far-flung gigs to date, if you count the Netflix series Marco Polo, which she shot in Malaysia and Kazakhstan.)

Still, Zhu has no shortage of tips for traipsing through Hong Kong. From the police quarters-turned-hotspot in Sheung Wan to Kobe-fat ice cream, here is Zhu Zhu’s travel guide.
— Stephanie Eckardt

AZZEDINE ALAÏA Private Lunch / PFW 2017

Zhu Zhu is the first Chinese actress to be invited to attend Mr. AZZEDINE ALAÏA's private lunch party and to visit his studio in Paris. ALAÏA is a very low-key French luxury brand, founded by design legend AZZEDINE ALAÏA  in the 80's. His designs are called "women's second layer of skin." His works have been sought before by former American first lady Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, amongst other celebrities.

Zhu Zhu has reposted the photos on her page and she added,


"It was a great honor to be invited to visit Mr. Alaia's studio and to have lunch with him in his famous kitchen where he had hosted a variety of arts and crafts masters from all walks of life. In the course of my conversation with Mr. Alaia, I learned that he had to spend all his time in the studio in addition to sleeping for just three or four hours a day. His modesty, creativity and fashion spirit were admirable!"

Zhu Zhu whips up a couple of Spring Festival dishes with Chef Gary via Tencent Live


Zhu Zhu tries her hand in the kitchen as she makes some Spring Festival dishes with the assistance of Chef Gary! Eights minutes into the stream she mentions something about teamzhuzhu and we couldn't really make out what she said but it made us proper giddy! A few minutes later, Dong Dong said "teamzhuzhu 来了" teamzhuzhu's here!! And Zhu Zhu greeted us and welcomed us to the show which made us a little bit emotional!

At around 13:13, Zhu Zhu explains,

"Right now I'm cooking ravioli. As you know in China we eat dumplings for dinner at Spring Festival and so we're making some different kinds of dumplings today. Hope that you can get some inspiration from it."

Zhu Zhu also sang a song, which has the words 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè) in it so we assume its a song about the new year!

After the ravioli, they started prepping the squid ink dumpling. At around 32 minutes Zhu Zhu narrates,

"This is a squid ink dumpling. Two years ago, I went to my grandfather's hometown for the first time and I saw this for the first time which is a dish from my grandfather's hometown in Zhejiang province. And actually eating this made me had tears in my eyes because my grandfather passed away fifteen years ago and he had always wanted to eat something like this but he didn't have a chance because he was living in Beijing which was far away from his hometown in South China. So the first time I went there and I ate this, I, all of a sudden understand that it was the dish he was talking about so this is a very special dish for me. And I talked about it with Gary yesterday and he prepared it for me, it was a surprise and I am very touched because of that."

At the end of the video, they sat down and tried the dishes they concocted along with what looks like some burger sliders, and with some red wine in hand, they wished everyone a happy new year.


W Magazine It Girl Luncheon


"Golden Globes 2017: Amber Heard, Mandy Moore, Yara Shahidi and More Come Out to Toast Hollywood's It Girls

What becomes an It girl most? More It girls, if the lunch at A.O.C. in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon was any indication. They floated all over, from Westworld It host Thandie Newton to broadcast sensation Mandy Moore of This is Us, the likes of Amber Heard Yara Shahidi, Christina Ricci, Lola Kirke and more were convened by W's editor at large Lynn Hirschberg for her annual lunch for It girls–this year presented by Stuart Weitzman–before the Golden Globes on Sunday."

Read the original article here.

Zhu Zhu bags the 43rd spot in TC Candler's The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2016


Congratulations are in order for Zhu Zhu as TC Candler announce the winners for ICL's THE 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES of 2016. On December 27, 2016, TC Candler posted the results on their social media accounts with votes coming in from all over the world, from different social media channels. The people have spoken, and this year, Zhu Zhu made her fifth appearance bagging the 43rd spot.

Watch the videos on YouTube below:

OK! 精彩 Christmas Special Interview

Special thanks to CAA China and OK! 精彩English Translation by teamzhuzhu.


Recently, Zhu Zhu donned two different hair styles for OK! Magazine's Christmas Special cover - neat short hair and gentle soft curls. As a leader of the fashion industry, what matching method and fashion experience does Zhu Zhu have? As a much-anticipated star, how does she spend her personal time? The following interview will answer these questions for you.


When you're not shooting movies or posing for the camera, how do you spend your personal time?

A1:主要是看电影和读书。我刚刚看了一部特别逗的电影,是伍迪·艾伦的片子,叫《子弹横飞百老汇》(Bullets Over Broadway),给我逗死了!我就一直推荐给大家看。还有一套书,我也觉得不错,是阿城的《阿城文集》,里面的小说都特别棒。

Mainly watching movies and reading. I just watched a particularly funny movie, Woody Allen's film, called "Bullets Over Broadway", it amused me to death! I recommend everyone to see it. There is also a set of books, which I feel is a good read, written by A Cheng 阿城, it's called "阿城文集"A Cheng Wen Ji, which are particularly good.


What is your ideal man?

A2:我周围的朋友都知道,我喜欢的类型肯定都是不适合我的那种,哈哈。不过我从小就把“达西先生”(《傲慢与偏见》)视为我的理想型,上次在Met Ball见到在1995年剧场《傲慢与偏见》中饰演“达西先生”的科林·菲尔斯,激动了半天!

All my friends know that the type of man I'm into is certainly not suitable for me haha. But since I was young, I've always seen Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) as my ideal man. Last time I went to MetBall in 1995 to see "Pride and Prejudice" with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, which made me giddy for quite a while .


As a fashion magazine regular, are there any photo-shoot norms that you want to challenge?


I really do not want to try a lot of outrageous things, and now the shoots are more, like, finding some more delicate, profound things (seek to return to simplicity?) "revert to one's natural self", wanna show more substance.


Some time ago, you were filming《酥油》 Su You in Tibet, how did you take care of your skin? (high altitude dries the skin)


Religious application of moisturiser mask every morning and evening, and then I apply some oil on the face, and then a layer of cream, and finally, I apply some sunscreen.


You are an exceptional fashionista, what's your secret?


I think dressing up is a combination of the aesthetic and synthesises with the formation of one's own degree of understanding. Dressing up must have a pattern. There must be a creative highlight. It could be quite bland if you dress up "appropriately" (Needs to have a highlight?) No, I reckon the idea is, you must open your mind to attract the eyes, highlight is too moderate.


What do you think is a must-have in any girls wardrobe?


Black everything, especially we Asians, we have black hair, black eyes, fits us very much.


What is a fashion essential this winter against the cold?

A7:Black jacket,很酷的短靴,冬天还一定必备极富质感的织物,像羊绒袜子之类的。这次在藏区我买到了一些牦牛绒做的围巾、手套,都质地很多特别软,特别高级,推荐!

Black jacket, cool ankle boots, during winter you gotta prepare some textured fabrics like cashmere socks and the like. This time, I bought some Tibetan yak wool scarves and gloves, it gives a nice soft texture and they're high class, highly recommended!

Q8:接下来有什么工作计划? What is your next project?


The new film 《酥油》 Su You is now in post-production, stay tuned!