Zhu Zhu whips up a couple of Spring Festival dishes with Chef Gary via Tencent Live


Zhu Zhu tries her hand in the kitchen as she makes some Spring Festival dishes with the assistance of Chef Gary! Eights minutes into the stream she mentions something about teamzhuzhu and we couldn't really make out what she said but it made us proper giddy! A few minutes later, Dong Dong said "teamzhuzhu 来了" teamzhuzhu's here!! And Zhu Zhu greeted us and welcomed us to the show which made us a little bit emotional!

At around 13:13, Zhu Zhu explains,

"Right now I'm cooking ravioli. As you know in China we eat dumplings for dinner at Spring Festival and so we're making some different kinds of dumplings today. Hope that you can get some inspiration from it."

Zhu Zhu also sang a song, which has the words 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè) in it so we assume its a song about the new year!

After the ravioli, they started prepping the squid ink dumpling. At around 32 minutes Zhu Zhu narrates,

"This is a squid ink dumpling. Two years ago, I went to my grandfather's hometown for the first time and I saw this for the first time which is a dish from my grandfather's hometown in Zhejiang province. And actually eating this made me had tears in my eyes because my grandfather passed away fifteen years ago and he had always wanted to eat something like this but he didn't have a chance because he was living in Beijing which was far away from his hometown in South China. So the first time I went there and I ate this, I, all of a sudden understand that it was the dish he was talking about so this is a very special dish for me. And I talked about it with Gary yesterday and he prepared it for me, it was a surprise and I am very touched because of that."

At the end of the video, they sat down and tried the dishes they concocted along with what looks like some burger sliders, and with some red wine in hand, they wished everyone a happy new year.