Zhu Zhu's Guide to Hong Kong - A W Magazine Article

"Chinese Actress Zhu Zhu's Guide to Hong Kong Does Not Skimp on Kobe-Fat Ice Cream"
by Stephanie Eckardt, March 28, 2017 1:00 pm
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This year’s Art Basel Hong Kong, which wrapped this past weekend, proved that the fair’s five-year-old Asian edition is well worth the trek for anyone who loves parties, not to mention weird, freaky art.

The Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, though, has always been in on Hong Kong’s secrets, having made frequent trips there from Beijing for the local desserts and tax-free shopping since she was a kid.

These days, her job has kept her from visiting as much as she would like: she just wrapped shooting a film, Tube Light, that had her speaking Hindi with the Bollywood star Salman Khan, plus a Chinese movie called Meido that she filmed in the Tibetan mountains and Lebanon. (Those aren’t even Zhu’s most far-flung gigs to date, if you count the Netflix series Marco Polo, which she shot in Malaysia and Kazakhstan.)

Still, Zhu has no shortage of tips for traipsing through Hong Kong. From the police quarters-turned-hotspot in Sheung Wan to Kobe-fat ice cream, here is Zhu Zhu’s travel guide.
— Stephanie Eckardt