Zhu Zhu Set to Produce and Take Titular Role for the Remake of Run, Lola, Run

China's Road Pictures CEO Cai Gongming 蔡公明 announced on Wednesday, 19 April 2017, that the 1998 hit German film, Run, Lola, Run, is set for a Chinese remake.

Zhu Zhu will play the titular role made famous by Franka Potente. She will also serve as a producer of the film. The remake is one of six projects that the company has lined up for 2017, including Andrew Niccol's sci-fi thriller Anon, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried, which has just wrapped up production.

CEO Cai Gongming said, "We're very happy to share with you that we've just obtained the copyright for Run, Lola, Run. I believe that movie lovers know that this German film is one of the classics."

If you haven't seen the film, you can watch the trailer below to give you an idea about the plot.