Zhu Zhu Will Take on a Double Role in the Chinese Remake of Run, Lola, Run

This is a CAA创新精英 article originally posted on 微信.Translations by teamzhuzhu and our Shanghai correspondent, Wayne Pan.

On 19 April 2017, Zhu Zhu accepted the invitation from Road Pictures Movie and Television CEO Cai Gongming to attend the Road Pictures and Beijing International Film Festival Gala Night as a guest host. The event was jointly organised by the Road Pictures and BJIFF organising committee. Zhu Zhu was dressed in light blue western-style suit exuding an aura of absolute elegance. At the event, CEO Cai Gongming announced that Zhu Zhu will be a Road Pictures partner and she will be producing and acting in the Chinese remake of Run, Lola, Run.


Zhu Zhu starts her new producing career in the movie Run, Lola, Run

"Road Pictures and Beijing International Film Festival Gala Night" began with a period of beautiful piano melody. Zhu Zhu as the guest host, introduced a bunch of film elites attending the "Road Pictures Night" from home and abroad. The guests had a group photo on stage, wishing a brighter future of China film industry.


Mr. Cai Gongming, CEO of Road Pictures, orated a good news that his old friend, Zhu Zhu, will cooperate with Road Pictures in depth as the a new producer. And the more surprising thing is, with the help of CAA, Zhu Zhu already signed the contract of the copyright to remake German classic film Run, Lola, Run. Besides, Mr. Cai’s excellent skills in Deutsch and many years of experience in his line of work are few of the key reasons for this success. At the same time, Zhu Zhu will participate in the movie with a new start, dual identity of producer and starring.


Zhu Zhu is greatly excited for this upcoming project. As she further added, she's known Mr. Cai for a long time. They've collaborated plenty of times including events and activities of Mercedes-Benz. But this time, they forge a new relationship by the way of this film, it further reinforces their friendship once again.


Screen classic Run, Lola, Run is one of the postmodernist masterpiece, directed by Tom Tykwer. Tom Tykwer is a recognized talented director who has won the "Gold Film Award - Best Director" on the 49th and 61st of the German Film Award. He has also received a number of international film awards nomination. Interestingly, Tykwer and Zhu Zhu has also known each other for a long time. Zhu Zhu appeared in the movie Cloud Atlas directed by Tykwer. This time, they are extending this opportunity to work together by remaking Run, Lola, Run.

It was reported that the film is still in the early development, the director candidates have not been set.

As they start the production Run, Lola Run's remake, will they follow the plot? Will they be adding new roles? And who will get chance to direct and act in this movie? We look forward to finding out the answers to these questions!