OK! 精彩 Christmas Special Interview

Special thanks to CAA China and OK! 精彩English Translation by teamzhuzhu.


Recently, Zhu Zhu donned two different hair styles for OK! Magazine's Christmas Special cover - neat short hair and gentle soft curls. As a leader of the fashion industry, what matching method and fashion experience does Zhu Zhu have? As a much-anticipated star, how does she spend her personal time? The following interview will answer these questions for you.


When you're not shooting movies or posing for the camera, how do you spend your personal time?

A1:主要是看电影和读书。我刚刚看了一部特别逗的电影,是伍迪·艾伦的片子,叫《子弹横飞百老汇》(Bullets Over Broadway),给我逗死了!我就一直推荐给大家看。还有一套书,我也觉得不错,是阿城的《阿城文集》,里面的小说都特别棒。

Mainly watching movies and reading. I just watched a particularly funny movie, Woody Allen's film, called "Bullets Over Broadway", it amused me to death! I recommend everyone to see it. There is also a set of books, which I feel is a good read, written by A Cheng 阿城, it's called "阿城文集"A Cheng Wen Ji, which are particularly good.


What is your ideal man?

A2:我周围的朋友都知道,我喜欢的类型肯定都是不适合我的那种,哈哈。不过我从小就把“达西先生”(《傲慢与偏见》)视为我的理想型,上次在Met Ball见到在1995年剧场《傲慢与偏见》中饰演“达西先生”的科林·菲尔斯,激动了半天!

All my friends know that the type of man I'm into is certainly not suitable for me haha. But since I was young, I've always seen Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) as my ideal man. Last time I went to MetBall in 1995 to see "Pride and Prejudice" with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, which made me giddy for quite a while .


As a fashion magazine regular, are there any photo-shoot norms that you want to challenge?


I really do not want to try a lot of outrageous things, and now the shoots are more, like, finding some more delicate, profound things (seek to return to simplicity?) "revert to one's natural self", wanna show more substance.


Some time ago, you were filming《酥油》 Su You in Tibet, how did you take care of your skin? (high altitude dries the skin)


Religious application of moisturiser mask every morning and evening, and then I apply some oil on the face, and then a layer of cream, and finally, I apply some sunscreen.


You are an exceptional fashionista, what's your secret?


I think dressing up is a combination of the aesthetic and synthesises with the formation of one's own degree of understanding. Dressing up must have a pattern. There must be a creative highlight. It could be quite bland if you dress up "appropriately" (Needs to have a highlight?) No, I reckon the idea is, you must open your mind to attract the eyes, highlight is too moderate.


What do you think is a must-have in any girls wardrobe?


Black everything, especially we Asians, we have black hair, black eyes, fits us very much.


What is a fashion essential this winter against the cold?

A7:Black jacket,很酷的短靴,冬天还一定必备极富质感的织物,像羊绒袜子之类的。这次在藏区我买到了一些牦牛绒做的围巾、手套,都质地很多特别软,特别高级,推荐!

Black jacket, cool ankle boots, during winter you gotta prepare some textured fabrics like cashmere socks and the like. This time, I bought some Tibetan yak wool scarves and gloves, it gives a nice soft texture and they're high class, highly recommended!

Q8:接下来有什么工作计划? What is your next project?


The new film 《酥油》 Su You is now in post-production, stay tuned!