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Creative Artists Agency

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ABOUT US is an unofficial website dedicated solely to Zhu Zhu 朱珠. This is a non-profit website that is ran by teamzhuzhu for fans for the purpose of providing information about Zhu Zhu and her career. Online since 11 August 2016.

The website has a strict candid policy which means no photos of Zhu Zhu in her day to day life can be found on this website. The only pictures taken by the paparazzi which can be found here are those of which were taken while filming projects providing she appears to be comfortable with the photographer’s presence around the set.

The site is also rumour and gossip free committed to posting only news that is confirmed to the best of our knowledge and is related to Zhu Zhu and her career.

Any images and multimedia are copyright to their rightful owners, and not to this fan site. No copyright infringement is intended. If you see anything on the site that has been used and you wish to have it removed, please contact us.

This site has no contact with Zhu Zhu herself, her management, or anyone representing her. 

Views and opinion expressed on this site do not reflect those of Zhu Zhu.

"Our only goal is to support Zhu Zhu with complete and utter positivity, a bit of dry humour, and lots of love."

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