A Bed Affair 2 (2014)


English Title:        A Bed Affair 2
Chinese Title:        床上关系2
Shooting Date:        2014
Director:        Liu Fendou 刘奋斗
Genre:        Comedy, Romance
Running Time:        23m 38s
Release:        11 April 2014
Language:        Mandarin


Under the cover of the moonlight, a man in black sneaks into a house to carry-out a theft. He was able to break into the apartment but to his surprise, the owner of the house has returned and is about to open the door. In a state of confusion, he hastily hides under the bed. 

Li Chuan and his ex-boyfriend have been broken-up for quite a while. But it seems that she has been unable to deal with her unforgettable feelings. Li Chuan has been set-up by her friend with a guy named Zhong and she is expecting her visit tonight. Filled with confusion and uncertainty, Li Chuan did not know how to take the advances of Zhong. She later on accepts his pursuit. Under the bed, a frightened, uninvited guest hides while above it lies two potential lovers. How would the thief get out of this situation?


 Zhu Zhu 朱珠 as Li Chuan 丽川

Zhu Zhu 朱珠
as Li Chuan 丽川

 Liao Fan 廖凡 as Zheng Zhong 郑重

Liao Fan 廖凡
as Zheng Zhong 郑重

 Chen Yifei 陈亦飞 as Wang Yao 王耀

Chen Yifei 陈亦飞
as Wang Yao 王耀



We couldn't find any subtitles for A Bed Affair 2 so we translated it and burned-in the subs. Hope you enjoy this short film. Also, the soundtrack is just lovely!

If you can't play it via the YouTube app, please watch the embedded video below.