Butterlamp (2017)


English Title:        Butterlamp
Chinese Title:        心灯·酥油
Shooting Date:        2016
Director:        Xi Guan
Genre:        Drama, Romance
Release:        Awaiting Release Date
Language:        Mandarin


Mei Do (Butterlamp) tells the story the love story of Mei Do and Yue Guang depicting the magnificent natural scenery of Tibet. Mei Do travels to the Tibetan grasslands to volunteer as a teacher. She writes a book about her challenging experiences in Tibet, with thousands of hardships traveling to the mountains and the grasslands but with all the more enthusiasm to stay there. 

She is stricken with illness. Yue Guang is then appointed by the lama to assist her with her undertakings. Gradually, they fall in love with each other and together they experience life and death - whether they encounter mudslides or avalanches, they would always stand by each other. However, Mei Do has become severely ill - stomach pain, anemia, vomiting blood. The temple can not save her. 


 Zhu Zhu as Mei Do 梅朵

Zhu Zhu
as Mei Do 梅朵

 更登彭措 as Yue Guang

as Yue Guang